♡ Platform Summary ♡

  1. Instagram @nutwithjenna (1.9K+) – LA-based Food blog with humor-incorporated captions
  2. Tiktok @nutwithjenna (9.1K+) – Food-themed comedic videos + live mukbang streams
  3. Instagram @usc_spoon (2.7K+) – Official food blog of University of Southern California
  4. Instagram @mtsjenna221b (2.3K+) – Personal Instagram
  5. WeChat (1K) – Personal account with primarily Chinese students
  6. Spoon University ( – Food blog articles platform targeting students from 250+ universities around the world

♡ About Me ♡

  • Food Influencer & Comedian ;3
  • University of Southern California 2024
  • Designated photographer at @leberrybakery
  • Partner with LA food delivery platform

Menya TIGRE Curry Noodles

“Sponsored by THE Curry Cook?!!! You already know @menya_tigre’s ramen is GOD TIER ???? First off, do you see the portion?!! Literally none of us finished the bowl of noodles even tho we were trying so hard to shove it into our mouths ???????????? The chicken broth and Chashu Pork in their curry ramen and tsukemen is AMAZING ???? ???? Now the star of the show that you won’t find anywhere else – ????????Keema Noodle with homemade dry Keema Curry & Pico De Gallo ???????? Lemme just say it’s approved by my Indian roommate ????Oh ya and the Fried Shrimp ???? just picture the golden crisp and the tender shrimp …????” – @nutwithjenna

Brothers Freshwich

“Think getting sandwiches when you dine out is embarrassing? Ya Subway probably but NOT the beautiful @brothersfreshwich ???? The first thing you see when you walk in is the huge chunks of FRESH meat in the displayer – I was so impressed lmaooo ????The flavors of their sandwiches are one of a kind and they really try SO hard to shove as much ingredients as possible into the bread ???? btw you can make all of the sandwiches into salads ???? Also Their pasta, macaroni, and potato salad SMACK SO HARD. They come in little jars and trust me you CANNOT STOP after having one bite” – @nutwithjenna